Safety on Campus a Top Priority

With more than 16,000 students enrolled — plus hundreds of employees — Cypress College is like a small city. While the campus is a safe environment, the large population makes it important to prioritize personal safety. We’ll maintain a safe environment through vigilance and preparation.

As part of our commitment to safety, we plan and implement drills each semester. For example, in October we’ll be participating in The Great California ShakeOut.

Here are five valuable tips for students:

    1. Program the Campus Safety Department’s phone number — (714) 484-7387 — into your mobile for quick access. It’s also a good idea to add the Cypress Police Department’s number: (714) 229-6600.
    2. Ensure your mobile phone number and email address are up to date in your myGateway account. Our mass-notification system uses this data to text, call, and/or email you in the case of an emergency.
    3. Walk in groups when traveling to and from the parking lot, especially at night. Pay attention to your surroundings while doing so. If you feel unsafe at any time, call Campus Safety for an escort.
    4. Do not provide your personal information, including credit card numbers and student ID to any solicitors on campus. We’ve heard of people impersonating College representatives soliciting for small amounts of money, but actually charging a much higher rate when they bill the credit card. Cypress College programs, clubs, etc. don’t solicit donations in this manner. If you wish to donate to the College or a program, our Foundation will be glad to facilitate the transaction in a safe fashion.
    5. Secure your bicycle with a quality lock, such as a U-lock. These are available in the Bookstore and via their online site.

If you see something, say something. Suspicious activity should be reported to Campus Safety and/or Cypress Police immediately. By doing so, you may provide information that prevents someone else from becoming a victim. Campus Safety can be reached 24-7 at (714) 484-7387.

Cypress College issues Timely Warnings in accordance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure Act. For more information, visit: