Developer Joins Flier Wars

SUNSET BEACH — Koll Real Estate Group officials are fighting flier with flier.

By Marc S. Posner
Huntington Beach Independent
Quite possibly my all-time favorite lede kicks off this story. I always had the Talking Heads’ song “Burning Down the House” playing in my head when I read that line — and now you will, too.

In February many Sunset Beach residents received fliers that claimed Koll’s proposed housing development at Bolsa Chica would force the widening of Pacific Coast Highway to six lanes through the city.

But Koll’s response — a comment-by-comment rebuttal signed by Senior Vice President Lucy Dunn and Vice President Larry Brose — calls the statement “simply not true.”

Koll’s plan circumvents widening the highway by proposing improvements on other major thoroughfares, including Warner Avenue, the Koll executives said.

The Koll letter takes each of five comments on the original flier and responds individually.

“In order to widen PCH, part of Sunset Beach will have to be condemned,” Koll quotes the original flier. “Which side will it be? Which ever side it is it will take out homes and businesses alike. Businesses like Woody’s, The Harbor House, Surf Liquor, Captain Jack’s, Harpoon Harry’s and 7-11. Residents will have to drive to other areas for these services.”

But Koll responds:

“Koll’s plan will not require PCH to be widened. We AGREE that widening PCH north of Warner is unacceptable. Supporting the Koll traffic plan will help prevent the widening by creating acceptable alternatives.”

The Koll response says the company has “devoted nearly two years to devising” traffic improvements the keep PCH at 4 lanes through Sunset Beach.

A cover letter concludes by inviting residents to call the two executives or to attend a traffic information meeting.