What an Amazing Surprise Award

I’m deeply touched to be recognized by the Chancellor, my President, and Chancellor’s Staff with the NOCCCD “Above and Beyond” award for volunteer work on the Measure J campaign. This was a complete surprise and was made more special because behind the scenes people conspired to get my family to the board meeting where the presentation took place.

Thank you to Interim Chancellor Fred Williams, Dr. Bob Simpson, Kai Stearns Moore, Greg Schulz, and the rest of Chancellor’s Staff for creating this award and for making me a recipient. I also appreciate everyone else who helped pull off the surprise (Raul Alvarez, Phil, Tracy, etc.).

Finally, congratulations to Robert Russell Jensen on his award. He is someone who has not only given hours to his Centennial project, but to years and decades of his life to Fullerton College students (alumni like me).

Note: As if I wasn’t awestruck enough, a news release was distributed. The text follows.

Bob Jensen and Marc Posner Receive Inaugural Chancellor’s Staff “Above and Beyond” Awards

NOCCCD’s Chancellor’s Staff presented its inaugural “Above and Beyond Award” to the recipients at the May 12, 2015 Board of Trustees meeting. The two employees recognized for their extraordinary achievement in service to the District were Bob Jensen, Fullerton College Dean of Fine Arts; and Marc Posner, Cypress College Campus Communications Director.

Over the course of five years, Bob Jensen tirelessly worked on Fullerton College’s Centennial, coordinating 35 events and over 30 projects, including the world-class Centennial Gala; the culminating event of the college’s year-long anniversary celebration. To augment the Centennial budget, Bob worked closely with his colleagues to help raise over $300,000 from corporations and private donors. Bob did all of this with his trademark enthusiasm, deep integrity, and a boundless love for the institution for whom he’s dedicated the last 35 years of his working life.

Marc Posner was instrumental in the passing of Measure J, NOCCCD’s $574 million facilities bond measure. Not only did Marc perform his regular duties while working on Measure J for 11 months, but the campaign work was done while off-duty. Marc put in countless hours giving presentations, securing endorsements, creating and managing a stand-alone website and all social media outlets, dealing with media queries, conducting tours, engaging students, reporting to the Board, and phone banking. Marc did all of this not because it was expected of him, but because he loves his campus and truly believed that the bond money would benefit students.

Bob and Marc both exemplify the values of hard work, dedication, excellence and perseverance that are the cornerstones of the North Orange County Community College District. About the “Above and Beyond Award:”

Recipients must be current employees and be nominated by a member of Chancellor’s Staff. The award will not be presented yearly, but rather when an employee truly shines and performs in a way that is conspicuously above and beyond their stated duty. Recipients will receive a trophy, a certificate of recognition presented at their campuses’ Opening Day, and lunch with all members of Chancellor’s Staff.

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