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“Storyteller” transcends being just a fancy synonym for “writer.” Its deeper meaning says that the selected words aren’t merely the right ones to convey a message, but they focus on creating a compelling story built around the “why,” not merely the “what.”


Spin Zone: Join Me in JOUR 140 — Public Relations at Cypress College

I am scheduled to teach JOUR 140 — Public Relations at Cypress College this fall. A few more students will put us over the top, so now is a GREAT time to enroll. Since it’s an evening class, it should be ideal for a small-business owner. We will conduct project-based assignments, so they’ll be directly …

Dr. Simpson Lauded on Final Day as Cypress College President

Emotions were evident on Thursday as Dr. Bob Simpson completed a 30-year career serving students. A steady stream of visitors to the President’s Office offered their well wishes to Dr. Simpson, who spent a decade at Cypress College — and the past 5 years as president. Among the highlights was the presentation of a joint …